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19th November 2003

gothicdarkraven12:25pm: New Stuff/Old Stuff

The Emperium of Light
Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none


A live journal Emperium of Light Comming Soon
Current Mood: crazy

5th November 2003

gothicdarkraven3:01am: Moveing
we moved to

and added two new add-ons the online Society

Join today

23rd October 2003

gothicdarkraven11:42am: SOV
SOV is working on a better site and a new vison.. we are nolonger SOV as is Society Of Vampires, We are only Society or Dark Sosiety for those inside..
as creator, founder and currator of this creation i thought it right to let you all know

24th March 2003

gothicdarkraven9:38am: SOCIETY OF VAMPIRES
Well We Have A New URL http://www.SocietyOfVampires.4all.cc
all though the old URL www.sov.i-p.com still works

and the site has been redone
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15th February 2003

gothicdarkraven9:26am: Nightmare
Darkness is here,
Darkness is all around.
I miss my true first love,
To whom I'm always bound.

Hell has come to earth,
And made it mighty hot.
Does she love me?
Or does she love me not?

I feel so confused,
My life's a question mark.
I'm left to roam this world,
But it sure is mighty dark.

I'm lost in this life,
It all is coming down.
I wish it was only a dream,
But darkness is all around.
Current Mood: alone

3rd February 2003

gothicdarkraven10:09am: more kewl sov stuff

Dark Society

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24th April 2004

gothicdarkraven10:19am: it's been awile
it's been awile sice i posted to this group,
ive been really buissy lately *as allways*
i got my home pasge fixed http://Dark--X.tk/

getting readdy to work on the Society Site.
yeah new name for this group Society. aka Dark Society

still the same though.. any ideas for the site?
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Current Mood: accomplished
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30th January 2003

gothicdarkraven11:28am: Life and nothin'
Life is slow yet fun.
Watching normsal ppl go about there daily lives..
And in the end....

It all amounts to nothing! LOL
Current Mood: artistic
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29th January 2003

gothicdarkraven9:49am: Amalgranams from hell
life is like being in a blender wile it's on high speed

ok ppl welcome to the live journal of
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life is like being in a blender wile it's on high speed

ok ppl welcome to the live journal of<A HREF= "http://www.sov.i-p.com/" target"-"><br>
<IMG SRC="http://www.dark-x.i-p.com/img/sov.gif"></A>
feel free to join or post
Current Mood: artistic
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